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Walk-In Tub Installation in Ottawa, ON

As we approach our golden years, tasks like bathing that were once routine can become quite a challenge and even pose a risk of serious injury from a fall. Some people assume that because they are no longer able to safely climb into traditional bathtubs, their days of enjoying a nice, warm soak in the tub are over, but that doesn't have to be the case. With walk-in tub installation, seniors and others with limited mobility can keep up their preferred bathing routine independently and without fear that they may be injured trying to get in and out.

If you're ready to experience the pleasure of a hot bath again, there's no need to give yourself the hassle of searching for "walk-in tub installers near me." Count on the skilled team of Ottawa bathtub and shower remodelers at Bytown Better Baths & Showers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we put all our effort into efficient, high-quality workmanship and friendly customer service. Our factory-certified installers use premium products and specialize in accessibility modifications such as walk-in tub installation.

The Best Step In Bath & Shower Conversion System

The Quick Tub bathtub provides a simple solution to life's ever changing dynamics. The quickest, easiest and most economical way to add a step in bathtub with a shower to a home! 

Download the full Quick Tub brochure to learn more about the simplest and most affordable walk in tub solution

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  • Why choose a walk-in tub installation for your home? Is it really the right choice for you and your household? Only you can make that call, but there are some big benefits of installing a walk-in tub. Ottawa residents can make their house safer and more comfortable for people with mobility issues, while at the same time making it possible for them to carry out their bathing routine independently. Plus, many walk-in tubs come with additional features, such as grab bars and jets.

    Here are some of the biggest advantages of walk-in tub installation.

    • Safe and Comfortable: The main reason why most homeowners consider walk-in tub installation is to make bathing easier and safer for household members that can't easily lift their legs over the side of a regular bathtub, or struggle to sit down and get back up from a tub that is nearly at floor level. Standard walk-in tubs solve that problem with a door, or gate that forms a watertight seal and opens to allow access to the inside of the seated tub. A basic walk-in tub also includes standard safety features such as slip-resistant material on the floor and safety grab bars that make it easier to steady oneself during those difficult transition moments between standing and sitting. Safety is obviously very important, but an inviting, comfortable experience is important as well. Contoured seats and water jets make bathing more comfortable and enjoyable so you can't wait to get back in those warm waters and relax.

    • Greater Independence: Most people value their privacy when using the bathroom, and naturally people who struggle with mobility are no different. It can feel invasive to have to rely on someone else to safely handle bathing, and those with disabilities often list a return to independence as their biggest desire. A walk-in tub installation is a very important part of creating a safe, independent home because it greatly reduces the chance of a fall and gives those with limited mobility the ability to enjoy their privacy while bathing without discomfort or fear of injury.

    • Hydrotherapy Benefits: A new walk-in tub installation doesn't just help you bathe. It also provides a therapeutic experience that can offer some major advantages such as joint pain relief and reduced muscle soreness. Whirlpool jets deliver a targeted massage that can help to improve circulation and promote wellbeing through relaxation and pain relief. It's also very helpful for those who are rehabilitating from amputation or who suffer from arthritis.

  • When looking for the perfect walk-in tub installation for elderly residents of your household, you may want to consider some additional features and customizable options. For example, an extra-wide seat is reinforced to be comfortable and safe for larger individuals. A heated seat can be a nice bonus, especially for those who get cold easily, because it provides additional warmth during the periods of time when the tub is filling or draining. A self-cleaning ozone system is worth considering as well. It sterilizes the tub with a chemical-free, environmentally-friendly disinfectant that helps to eliminate harmful bacteria. The fixture will still need to be cleaned properly once per month, but the ozone system keeps it cleaner in between scrubs.

  • Yes, it is necessary to sit in your walk-in tub while you fill the tub with water, and while the water drains out. That's because the gate or door is located on the side of the fixture and goes almost all the way down to the floor to make it easier to get in and out without having to lift your foot very high off the ground. Some people don't like the thought of just sitting there waiting for the water to pour in or drain out, and there are some solutions to help decrease the wait. A fast-fill faucet can cut down the usual filling time by half or even two-thirds so it only takes about five minutes. You may also wish to add a speed drain feature that will make draining the tub after your bath considerably faster.

  • Actually, both styles are available and they each have their own pros and cons. Swing-out doors that swing into the room rather than into the tub basin when they are opened have the advantage of not creating an obstacle for the person inside the tub when they're trying to get in or out. The potential downside is that they need to be fastened closed, often with a latch pin, and if the user forgets to latch it properly, the door can come open once the tub is filled and flood the room. Swing-in doors, on the other hand, can create a challenge for some users because the door takes up space inside the tub when it's open and can be difficult to maneuver around. But, the pressure of the water helps to hold the door closed rather than forcing it open, so accidental mishaps are less likely.

  • Families or households are usually composed of people who have varying levels of mobility and ability, and of course, everyone needs to be able to bathe. A walk-in tub can be used by a non-disabled person in the exact same way that someone with mobility issues would use it, but there are other alternatives as well. If the new installation is replacing a bathtub-shower combination, for example, it makes sense to consider getting a walk-in tub installation that includes a shower feature with a detachable head. That way, the shower can be used by both standing and seated individuals with the addition of a shower curtain. 

  • That shouldn't be a problem. Most doorways are about 30 to 36 inches wide, and the biggest component of your new tub should be able to pass through that width at the right angle. If you have particularly narrow doorways, it may be necessary for our expert installers to remove some of the trim from around the door to sneak it through, and then put the trim back in place so it looks exactly the same as it did before.

  • Some companies can take up to a week to complete a service such as walk-in tub installation, but in most cases, our highly skilled team can finish the entire installation in a single day. That's a big benefit to you, because it minimizes the disruption to your household and means you don't need to vacate your house overnight. If we discover complications such as serious water damage when we remove your old fixture, it may take an additional day to complete. In that situation, we will keep you updated throughout the process about what's happening and what you can expect going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-In Tub Installation in Ottawa

We're Ottawa's Experts for Walk-In Tub Installation Service

If you want all the advantages of professional walk-in tub installation in Ottawa, pick up the phone and give the experienced team at Bytown Better Baths & Showers a call at 613-519-8055. 

Our knowledgeable staff can give you more information about our services or schedule you in for a consultation. Alternatively, enter your information in our contact form to learn more about how we can help.

Reliable, One-Day Walk-In Tub Installation

If you're considering Ottawa walk-in tub installation, you may be unsure of what to expect. When you call our experienced, trustworthy team, we will consult with you to learn more about your unique needs and wants so we can help you choose the best possible option for walk-in tub installation. We'll also get the necessary information about your bathroom so we can make sure the new walk-in tub dimensions will be a perfect fit. We'll also take the time to answer any questions you may have so you can rest easy knowing you're in expert hands.

Once a decision has been made on the best choice for the model of your walk-in tub installation, we'll set a date for the installation to take place. On the service day, our team will arrive on time, with all the tools and equipment we need to get the job done efficiently. 

We'll start by removing your old tub or shower to make space for the new fixture. If we discover moisture damage underneath, which is sometimes the case, we'll address it, install high-tech water barriers and make sure your subfloor is in solid, safe condition before we complete your new walk-in tub installation. We'll then build the installation from scratch by putting the tub shell in place, getting it connected to your water supply and wastewater disposal lines, and sealing it in place to avoid any water leakage behind or underneath your walk-in tub. In many cases, we're able to complete the work within a single business day.

Finally, we'll test to make sure everything is working perfectly, and we'll clean up after ourselves to make sure you don't have to worry about anything once we leave. That way, you can get straight to enjoying your new walk-in bathtub independently and reap all the benefits of an expertly-done walk-in tub installation. 

Ottawa's Top Choice for Walk-In Tub Installation

It's not uncommon for homeowners to put off walk-in tub installation, even when they know their household needs one and it'll benefit their family. That's often because they aren't sure who to rely on to get the work done quickly and correctly, leaving them with the peace of mind that they've got a perfectly-installed walk-in tub. Ottawa residents, there's no need to put off walk-in tub installation any longer with the experts at Bytown Better Baths & Showers on your side.

Our reliable team has years of experience with bath and shower installations, including walk-in tub installation, so we know how to get the work done efficiently. Unlike plumbers and improvement professionals who perform a wide range of work, we specialize in bathtubs and showers. Because we are so experienced, we're very familiar with potential issues such as water damage and may notice problems that others wouldn't spot so we can get them fixed up and ensure there's no chance of further damage. 

If you'd like to know more about our services or walk-in tub installation specifically, give us a call at 613-519-8055 to speak with our friendly customer service representatives about what we can do to enhance your bathroom. Or, fill out our contact form for a free quote!

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