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Ottawa Tub to Shower Conversion Service

Have you ever looked at the arrangement of your bathroom in Ottawa and asked yourself, “What if…?” If you’re the second owner of your home and have fallen in love with the property except for the bathroom, it’s time to act. Perhaps you and the people in your household are busy professionals who take early morning showers. Hopping in and out of the bathtub and keeping it as clean as possible may strike some people as a nuisance. Who knew the shower curtain had to go in the wash at least once a month? Or that you should scrub the bathtub once a week as otherwise, it’s at increased risk of harboring bacteria like E.coli?


Your bathroom is an intimate and holy space. Comfort, safety, and easy maintenance should be of high priority, not to mention a little bit of luxury too! If you hire your local Ottawa bath and shower remodelers at Bytown Better Bathtubs and Showers, you can rest assured that we will make the inconveniences go away, so that you can make use of extra space, enhanced functionality, and brand-new materials.


As your trusted local professionals, our team brings many years of experience in replacing bathtubs with showers, so that busy Ottawa residents can get started with their days hassle-free. In fact, we have helped so many local homeowners with their tub to shower conversions, that we are proud to tell you all about our highly efficient same-day bathroom transformation services, during which you can count on our exceptional workmanship and high-quality materials.

What Are The Benefits of Tub to Shower Conversions?

When considering a bathtub conversion, Ottawa homeowners have their personal reasons. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation but are on the fence about converting a bathtub to a stand-up shower, we recommend that you think about your future needs. For instance, will there be children living in your Ottawa home? Or are you planning on selling your property in the near future and want to attract families or young professionals? There are many aspects to consider which may affect your personal preferences.


Our talented team has assisted many local customers in making the right decision with personalized consultations. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we’re happy to guide you through every step of the process. We hope to help facilitate your decision-making process by highlighting the benefits of your potential tub to shower conversion in Ottawa.

Increased Space

Everybody loves a spacious bathroom. Imagine a walk-in shower that’s neatly equipped with clear tempered glass shower doors, allowing you to marvel at the beautiful ceramic tile system you chose to complement your bath’s overall design. A walk-in shower will also make your Ottawa bathroom appear less cluttered and more accessible.


Don’t remember the last time you took a bubble bath? If so, you probably pamper yourself at the spa right after work instead because the thought of entering your own bathroom and preparing the space is too much work. Not only does it seem cluttered with the current bathtub, but you have to clean and scrub it first before you can even run a bath. If you already lead a busy lifestyle in Ottawa, cleaning will be the last thing on your mind.

Low Maintenance

In a hurry? Besides jumping into your shower stall to get ready for the day, some people like the convenience and low maintenance because they can clean the enclosure while showering. Besides, when done, all you need to do to maintain cleanliness is to use a wiper squeegee to quickly wipe the glass down to prevent hard water stains. 

Enhanced Accessibility

If you are looking for an efficient aging-in-place bathroom modification or have a family member with limited mobility, we are your team with the perfect bathtub to shower conversion solution! When we convert tubs to showers, we have one major thing in mind, which is safe and facilitated access. It’s hard to imagine how much space a tub actually requires. It immediately makes a medium-sized bath look smaller than it is. If your family member with reduced mobility has to move around the toilet to access the tub, they won’t have the space to hold on to anything before they step in.

Increased Safety

The benefit of an Ottawa tub-shower conversion will not only maximize space and facilitate accessibility, but it will also increase safety because you no longer need to step over the tall wall of the tub, as this is how most slip accidents happen.

Generates High ROI

If your old tub was already outdated, and you made the call to replace your bathtub with a shower, you could generate a high return on your investment for increasing space, safety, accessibility, and adding visual appeal.

  • This will depend on the exact type of conversion, the materials you choose, and potential plumbing repairs required. We highly recommend that you contact us today to provide us with more information about your needs and what you want out of your tub to shower conversion.


    We pride ourselves on our same-day bathroom transformation, which you won’t find anywhere else! This includes us ripping out your outdated shower fixtures and installing your new Ottawa tub to shower conversion on the same day.

  • Not if you do it right! The point of a remodel is to increase comfort and boost your home value in Ottawa. A tub to shower conversion may be designed to attract professionals rather than families with kids. So with the future in mind, it’s important to ask yourself this question if a home sale ever occurs.

  • There is no other way than ripping out your bathtub. Luckily, that’s the only demolition process that takes place. Our team will remove any caulking around the tub and rock the unit loose. You don’t have to worry about a huge mess as we always clean up after ourselves when a job is done. We’ll be careful not to create any damage and clean up any messes created when removing the old tub from your property or installing the new unit.

Ottawa Tub To Shower Conversion FAQs

Ready For Your Bathtub Conversion in Ottawa?

There is certainly a lot to consider when planning your tub to shower conversion. We have been there and know all the little details that require attention. Our local team of  bathroom remodeling experts have the solution and answer to everything you need!


Whether it’s a tub to shower conversion or even a walk-in tub installation, we’ll make it happen, so that everything in your home, bath included, is finally perfect! Give our dedicated customer service team a call today at 613-519-8055 to learn more or schedule an appointment for bathtub to shower conversion service.

What Does an Ottawa Tub to Shower Conversion Entail?

This greatly depends on your personal needs and preferences, starting with you choosing your dream bathtub to shower conversion.


The way our professional shower installation pros work is with thorough proficiency and care that involve looking beneath the surface. What we mean by that is that we don’t believe in installing bathroom liners of any kind because they’re designed to sugarcoat the surface. We replace anything that is no longer wanted or in good condition. 


One major advantage of an Ottawa tub to shower conversion is that your bathroom remodelers will fully rip out the old design and dispose of it for you. The next step is important, because they will help you inspect that space to ensure there are no plumbing issues evident that would otherwise put a temporary halt to the remodeling process. Sometimes, our specialists detect water damage, corrosion, or existing mould that would need dealing with immediately before they can continue with the installation process.


However, if everything goes according to plan, our factory certified installers will prepare the surface area by installing vapour and moisture barriers which include either oil-based or latex paints. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the potential of any underlying issues will be eliminated right from the get-go!


At Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers, we believe in treating every bathroom project uniquely by doing everything from scratch. That includes our premium, high-tech water barriers which have proven to be entirely waterproof and extremely durable. It may sound complex to you, but we can reassure you that its superior performance will exceed your expectations. And yes! We will still do it all in a day without wasting your valuable time.

The Small Details Count!

When it comes to shower floors, there is a wide range of choices, from acrylic shower bases to ceramic tile to molded stone. They are all safe, non-slip surfaces, so what you choose can simply be based on its aesthetics and functionality! We seal tile surfaces accordingly to make sure your shower floor material is protected for years to come.

Shower Base

From ceramic to glass tile and acrylic, there are various options to choose from. We’ll help you find a design that will suit your bathroom’s overall environment. Installing shower walls correctly is vital because it’s where your water lines are hidden. Therefore, sealing this area properly and using durable cement board panels as backer boards are the necessary steps we take during the tub to shower conversion.

Shower Walls

There are more than ten types of shower heads available, from wall-mounted to handheld to high-pressure. Many are also adjustable, allowing you to choose from a waterfall or rain-like experience.

New Shower Head Options

Adding a grab bar to your shower stall is another helpful aging-in-place modification that provides safety and assistance. They are easy to install or remove and won’t affect the overall appeal of your walk-in shower. To further assist you if you have reduced mobility, we can also install seats. 

Grab Bar Installation

We won’t leave you hanging with all the other details that require attention during a tub to shower conversion. Besides installing the waterproof moisture barrier, we’ll also take care of the following details:

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