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Our Sleek Shower Installation Ottawa Services

As your personal sanctuary, your bathroom is your go-to place to unwind and relax after a long restless day. We spend so much of our downtime in this room for our daily bathing and grooming routine; is it any wonder you want nothing less than a stellar shower installation? Ottawa homeowners look forward to entering to wipe all the day's worries away by feeling light, clean, and refreshed. But if you’ve noticed lately that you're not getting that streamy fresh sauna vibe, it’s about time to allow your local, licensed, fully certified Ottawa bath and shower remodelers from Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers to hook you up with the bathroom remodelling of your dreams with a shower installation. 


Ottawa homeowners often express that they want to feel zen in a hot water oasis the moment they wake up in the morning and slip into the shower as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you’re anticipating meditative shower thoughts during your next cleansing routine, rely on the shower remodelling experts at Bytown Bath. Our experienced team members have the skill, tactics, and experience to handle all the details of your renovation project with spectacular results. We always strive for quality craftsmanship with authentic solutions and genuine customer satisfaction. 

Bathtub/Shower Combo

The most generic but also versatile option if your bathroom space is limited, one approach is to compromise and install a bathtub and shower combo. The only drawback is that it has mobility constraints. And if you have an elderly family member, the tub and shower combo can be a safety risk as you’ll always be required to step over a tub wall and provide them with a bench to sit on.

Prefabricated Shower

Made from acrylic, fiberglass, and solid-surface materials or tempered glass, these versions are easier to clean as they don’t have ceramic tile or grout lines you’d usually see on custom-built walls that tend to develop mould. Plus, they are less prone to water leakage compared to convention-built showers. There are some drawbacks though, like a lack of selection for size and style due to being mass-produced.

Walk-In Shower

The most standard as they come, this provides both ease of access and safety and, unlike other models, eliminates the danger of stepping into a bathtub or enclosed shower, so it's a great option for those with impaired mobility. The only drawback is that it increases your bathroom’s humidity and moisture exposure levels, making it more susceptible to mould growth.

Corner Shower or Neo-Angle Shower

This is typically built into the corner of the bathroom and has three glass panels instead of two. Two panels extend across the back wall and extend around to the third panel, which contains a door. Since these shower installations are smaller and have a confined space, expect the drawback of water overflowing, which leaves your shower especially vulnerable to flooding, especially if there is a nasty clog in the drain. 

Rectangular Shower

These have plenty of extra space as the shower glass doors often curve inwards, so there’s more ability to customize and for you to have more breathing room and comfort.

Waterfall Or Rainfall Shower

If you don’t have a water softener system installed, this is the next best thing. Different from the generic cylinder shape and wall-mounted shower head, waterfall showers have a wide, flat head with a streamlined appearance. This shape helps to create a wider and softer steam of water that effortlessly flows, providing you with a relaxing and pleasant shower experience. But there are some drawbacks, namely it’s pricier and requires a high ceiling for installation and sometimes provides lower water pressure than you’d prefer.

Steam Shower

Your home may not have a built-in sauna like your gym, but this is just as good of an alternative. Instead of opting for hot water, this uses a steam generator to produce humidifying steam. It can be controlled digitally, allowing you to turn the steam off or on, which activates an electric valve filling the generator with cold water. If your hot water heater is faulty or unreliable, this might be the better option plus, it beats using shower steamers any day! But of course, with any steam refresh, you have to be cautious as there are drawbacks, like causing dehydration, especially if you decide to shower after a workout. So be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your steam shower. 

Body Shower

If you really want to get a full-on, fully-drenched shower, then we recommend a body shower installation. Ottawa homeowners will get the benefit of having multiple mounted water heads all over the shower wall. Your body is totally indulged in a water body massage. The only drawback is that this model is uncommon and may be too intense for some, mostly because the water jets pulse all parts of your body.

Shower Tower Or Column

This is a luxury, high-performance model that contains a shower head, shower valve, shower controls, pipework, and sometimes shower outlets, all enclosed in a vertical box. They are water efficient and definitely a classy and elegant pick, but a drawback includes that they take up a lot of space, plus they may be too new for you with all their extra features.

Smart Shower

This is a Wi-Fi-based digital shower that uses mobile connectivity, allowing for niche personalization and customization features, for example, controlling temperature flow and rate of flow to create your ideal shower session. They’re even great for the environment and safer but have the drawback of coming with higher upfront costs with a higher price tag.

Solar Shower

If you really want to get a full-on, fully-drenched shower, then we recommend a body shower installation. Ottawa homeowners will get the benefit of having multiple mounted water heads all over the shower wall. Your body is totally indulged in a water body massage. The only drawback is that this model is uncommon and may be too intense for some, mostly because the water jets pulse all parts of your body.

Types Of Shower Installations | Ottawa, ON

Why Bytown Bath Is The Superior Choice For Shower Installation | Ottawa, ON

Your bathroom is not only your safe space to slough off the day’s worries, but it’s your personal spa in which you take care of your self-care needs. You deserve nothing but the best, so when it’s time for a new shower installation, Ottawa, ON residents want to rely on an experienced technician who is well-adept, experienced, and capable. Be rest assured the outstanding team of professionals at Bytown Bath will get the job done right the first time to your expectations. Our walk-in shower models are low-maintenance, lifetime-guaranteed and affordable. And if for any reason, you’re still not satisfied, we can make the correct adjustments upon request. 

  • This depends on the type of shower model and how much labour and material are required. But the average cost is around $3000, starting from $1000 upwards. If you’re looking at more customization options like an expensive door, or faucet or require extra plumbing, the cost can go up.

  • If you hire a professional contractor, on average, it can take about two to five days, depending on its complexity and whether repairs are needed. But again, in special circumstances, like any DIY segments you’re completing or for customization options, it can take longer.

  • A general rule of thumb is to upgrade your shower every seven to ten years, as not only can the style become outdated, but certain areas of your shower begin to deteriorate, like the grout, which needs to be recaulked in the backsplash tiles. And you don’t need to do a major overhaul for shower repairs, too; even replacing the shower head can give it that much-needed revamp.

  • There are many detailed steps required in a shower installation–but the first step our technician will do is typically drill pilot holes to mark off pipe and fixture locations.

  • The grout in your bathtub or shower should always be sealed as it blocks off any excess moisture that can easily interfere with and enter its porous material. The sealer will bolster the grout and stop water from being stuck behind the tile and grout and thus preventing the growth of mould and mildew. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Installation | Ottawa, ON

Looking For Professional Shower Installation Near Me? Get Ready For a Steamy Refresh With Bytown Bath!

If you live in Ottawa, ON or nearby locations, your quest for the ideal shower remodelling service has brought you to Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers for quality craftsmanship and ultimate customer satisfaction.


When looking for peace of mind, reach out to our courteous team members at (613) 519 8055 to learn more about our services or to book a consultation or service appointment. Our expert team in Ottawa looks forward to making the lavatory of your dreams possible for you by going the extra mile to meet your needs!

Our Authorized Shower Installation Process

Although there are numerous approaches to a professional shower installation, Ottawa, ON homeowners usually have a general sense of what they envision as the end result and the main features they are hoping to implement. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a total makeover or minor adjustments here and there for your ideal shower installation, Ottawa technicians at Bytown will take on the project from start to finish.

Removal and Replacement

If you are aiming to convert your bathtub into a shower or you are hoping to tweak the one you already add with some extra features, the bathroom remodeling will likely include the removal of fixtures and old tiles. Not only will we remove old and deteriorating areas, but we’ll also deal with any problems that may be underneath the drywall like water damage. Our certified plumbers on the team will also handle waterproofing services.

Bathroom Fixture


If you need to reposition your shower head or faucet or you want a brand new one installed, our licensed, in-house plumbers can take care of the installation.

Shower Enclosure Installation

Get rid of that hideous shower curtain with a dazzling glass or acrylic shower enclosure that will shed more natural light into your Ottawa home by opening up your shower space. They’re easy to maintain and clean, and no longer do you have to deal with water spilling out underneath the curtains.

Tub To Shower Conversion

Bathtub-shower combinations are the most commonplace for residential bathrooms as their convenient and space-saving options. Usually, this setup has an enclosed tub with three surrounding walls and an adjustable faucet that controls both the lower tub faucet and the upper shower head. Although this is becoming a less popular option, with many Ottawa homeowners opting for separate shower and tub installations, it's great if you are looking for something budget-friendly or need something easier and safer to access for your young children. However, for those of you looking to upgrade, we offer a tub-to-shower conversion in which we completely transform your tub into a shower-only space. you want.

Extra Add-Ons

Surprisingly, unlike some remodelling projects that are straightforward, you get to have fun with a shower installation. Ottawa homeowners can look forward to a number of custom designs and styles to establish their facilities. Everything from storage shelves to bench seats, grab bars, and more.

New Shower Installation

Ottawa residents, be prepared for your dream bathroom! Gone are the days when a fixed shower head mounted to your wall was the only way to participate in a daily cleansing routine. Your preference for a shower type depends on your preference for its use, budget, and space. If your current shower looks drab, we can replace it, so it mimics a spa with all the amenities. Here are some of the latest shower model designs you can opt for:

What To Consider For Shower Installation

Ottawa property owners have to tackle many criteria concerning their bathroom renovation project. It can be as simple as swapping out the towel rod or replacing the backsplash to as complicated as rearranging and replacing your bathtubs and shower. It can be overwhelming, so here are some basics you should consider for your shower installation in Ottawa:

  1. All About The Plan: It’s best to envision what you want the end result of your shower installation to look like and alongside your ideal mood, theme, style and colour theme and also consider your budget. Brainstorm themes like old-fashioned country with rustic wood or topical ocean with lighthouses and starfish, and choose a colour palette with shades that overlap and complement each other.

  2. Consider Your Budget: Based on your budget, opt for one of the types of models listed above and note that the more extra bells and whistles and customization like digital options, the higher the price tag. Don't be discouraged! There are always doable swaps you can discuss with our expert Ottawa technician during your consultation appointment. 

  3. Hire A Professional(s): This couldn’t be more obvious, but we can’t stress enough that although simple renovations like painting walls, changing light bulbs, and even replacing faucets can be handled on your own, more difficult tasks like replacing bathtubs or adding showers, it requires a professional and certified contractor. Plus, you save blood, sweat, and tears or time, money, and effort by hiring a professional who will get the job done promptly and efficiently.

  4. Eye Candy: If you’re also looking to add oomph to your bathroom, we can help make some recommendations for an interior designer to make your space visually appealing, as they’ll know how to work styles, shapes, designs, and colours.

  5. Verified Approval: Confirm if your new bathroom and shower installation in Ottawa adheres to building codes, as some jurisdictions require bathrooms to be a specific size. And if your bathroom design fails to meet the regulations, it won’t be approved; for example, resizing your bathroom may violate the building code.

  6. Some Backups: Depending on the time length, it’s always good to have backups like a Porta Potty or outdoor shower, so you’re not stuck with a toilet or shower for a week or so. 

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