The Issue With Bathtub Liners in Ottawa Homes

Your bathtub is a place of relaxation…well, it should be, at least. When choosing whether to go for an entirely new tub or a flimsy bathtub liner, people often choose the faster, cheaper option and end up being disappointed, frustrated, and inconvenienced. We get it, bathtub lining appears like the easy way to perform a bathroom remodel of your existing tub, and at first, it is. But over time, that bath liner can peel, causing leaks, mould, and odours.

On top of that, it’s simply not the same relaxing feeling you’re used to with a regular acrylic tub. That’s why your Ottawa shower remodellers at Bytown Better Bathtubs never recommend tub liners, opting for the rip and replace method that not only gives you a brand-new luxurious tub but also ensures any moisture issues underneath are addressed. Building your tub or shower from scratch allows you to have complete control over the quality of your favourite place to wind down.

Bathroom Liner Problems

Disadvantages Of Bathtub & Shower Lining

You’ve already read about the bad reputation choosing bathtub or shower lining for your bathrooms has, but there are so many more that Ottawa locals need to be aware of. When you stop and think for a moment about what bath liners are, you’ll quickly realize how many issues can pop up just because of the nature of the product. Essentially wallpaper for your tub, it doesn’t address any underlying issues you might have had with your old bathtub, simply covering them up to worsen with time. This can be done in your shower or tub, and as you can probably imagine, it doesn’t exactly look high quality. For good measure, let’s go over a few of the many disadvantages of using bathtub liners.

Water can get between the bathtub and the liner

Bathtub and shower linings do not always have a water tight seal when installed improperly. Most bath installers use caulking around the overflow joints to create one, but a tiny crack can allow moisture to get through. This means that every time you shower or take a bath, moisture is creeping between the layers of your tub and liner. This misplaced water can cause the bottom of your tub to feel unnatural and squishy with time, and the possibility of growing unhealthy mould is very high. Mould is fast-growing and spreading and can take over your bathroom in no time. Soon, you’ll have an obnoxious odor you can’t eradicate unless you rip off the bathtub insert you just paid to have installed.

Fibreglass, acrylic, and free-standing tubs cannot be lined

Considering that’s what most tubs are made of, you probably won’t be able to choose acrylic tub liner anyway. Liner is typically made from acrylic (though PVC liners are common as well) and requires a wall around the tub for proper installation and sealing. While this may seem like a disadvantage at first, it’s actually a blessing in disguise and allows you to take advantage of our rip and replace service instead.

Bathtub liners don’t fix underlying issues

Bathtub liners are acrylic covers that simply go over your current bathtub. That means the cracks and rust are out of sight, but not entirely out of mind. With time, you’ll need to replace your outdated bathtub anyway, so going ahead with a liner is really like slapping on a bandaid that will soon peel off—literally. Certain issues such as water damage underneath your tub cannot be addressed either, meaning that the longer you leave them, the larger they will become.

Bathtub lining does not feel nice

Stop and think about your last experience in a proper tub. The smooth feeling of it added to the overall relaxing experience. Now picture trying to unwind the same way, but this time, you feel the spongy texture of a liner. Some people who choose a bathtub or shower liner even say they slip often. If water gets between the liner and tub, you’ll also have a squishy feel to the bottom of it. Not the kind of luxurious bubble bath you’re dreaming of? Choose our expert service instead.

Why Rip & Replace Is Superior To Bathtub Lining

At Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers, we offer a rip and replace service where factory-certified installers tear out your old shower or tub and take care of any moisture problems beneath it before installing high-tech water barriers over the area. Then, we’ll take precise measurements and build your new tub or shower from scratch with premium materials. You’ll have 100% waterproof protection and the kind of durability you simply can’t get from acrylic bathtub liners. Other perks of our rip and replace method include:

Improved aesthetics

Replacing an outdated rusty, or chipped tub with a new bathtub is an easy way to improve the look of your bathroom instantly. It provides a much more luxurious look than an acrylic liner ever could and gives you total control over the style and design of your tub or shower, including the gorgeous tile surround and wall surround. Choose from a variety of colours to suit your preference.

New tub lasts 10-15 years

If you’re on the fence about installing a new tub or new shower because of the cost, just know that you won’t have to do it very often. Tubs will last 10-15 years or more if properly cared for. If your tub has a crack or a leak, don’t wait to get it replaced. Cracks can let in moisture which can lead to mould and water damage.

Endless design options

Want a larger tub? With rip and replace, we’ll make it for you. How about one that matches your remodelled bathroom? We can do that too. The sky’s the limit in terms of design, and we’ll build your custom bathtub from the ground up to create something you love. With a larger or more luxurious tub, you’ll have more space to stretch out and can even opt for water jets or other advanced features. Welcome to a new world of total relaxation.

Addressed water damage

If you never rip up your worn-out bathtub, you won’t know what’s lurking underneath it. Always smelling mildew in your bathroom, but you can’t seem to locate it? It might be the infestation of mould under your tub. With our luxury bathtub replacement, we’ll get to the root of the problem and solve it before installing a watertight barrier to ensure no future water damage will wreck your home.

At the end of the day, if demolition mess and plumbing are what you’re worried about, you can rest assured that a demo is only a small process for us. Our team is capable of getting a new bathtub installation done in as little as a day!

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