Increase Your Safety With A Senior Bathtub Installation in Ottawa

Increase Your Safety With A Senior Bathtub Installation in Ottawa

Do you have an older family member with reduced mobility, or you are planning to adopt some aging in place modifications in your home? If so, our expert Ottawa bathroom remodelling team has you covered! At Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers, we are proud to be your first-choice bathroom experts, whether it is time for a spacious new shower or an easy-to-access senior bathtub.

Whatever your needs may be, you can trust us to be a significant part of your home accessibility project. We have licensed plumbers and a certified installation team who bring many years of experience in creating a senior-friendly bathing experience for our local residents with limited mobility. When hiring our experienced team at Bytown, Ottawa residents will have a wide range of accessible bathtub options to choose from, as well as professional installation services.

When you choose our bathroom remodelling services, you can rest assured that we will consider your safety, comfort and whatever other needs you may have. When preparing your aging in place project, it is easy to believe that bathtub removal is the only way to go to improve safety. But on the contrary, modern technology has enabled us to think otherwise! At Bytown, we are happy to introduce you to our senior bathtub options.

Increase Your Safety With A Senior Bathtub Installation in Ottawa

Walk-In Tub Installation in Ottawa, ON

What if we told you our walk-in bathtubs have leak-proof tub doors? Over the years, the popularity of senior bathtubs in Ottawa has increased, even among people with disabilities. Our local clients have relied heavily on our expertise to create their dream bathrooms that includes professional senior bathtub remodelling. We specialize in improved accessibility in which senior bathtub installations play a significant role. These barrier-free units have anti-scald technology and anti-fall safety features to make your bathing experience wonderful again. Additional features include heated seats and water jets to provide you with a spa-like experience.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion or…Shower-to-Tub!

Although tub-to-shower conversions are popular services in Ottawa, we also get service requests asking about the opposite. Perhaps you have had your existing shower for a long time, and it’s already equipped with the necessary safety features like safety grab bars, a built-in seat, and an adjustable shower head. But you suddenly miss the features you once had from a traditional bathtub.

No problem! There is a reason why senior bathtubs exist! During the conversion process, we’ll help you pick the perfectly-fitted senior bathtub in Ottawa for your comfort and bathroom safety. Other important steps include demolition and plumbing inspection, readjustment, and repair. We’ll also take care of surrounding structures, such as your bathroom floor and walls. It is important that your new senior bathtub sits on stable, even ground.

What If I Just Need A Simple Shower Remodel With Improved Accessibility?

That’s no problem; we can handle that! Whether you need an extra grab bar installation, a more comfortable seat, or other types of improvements, our remodelling technicians and plumbing professionals will make the necessary adjustments.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Walk-In Senior Bathtubs?

Technology isn’t perfect, but we believe that it all comes down to the product and how well it is installed. Though when it comes to our professional senior bathtub installations in Ottawa, there are a few notable pros and cons.


Increased safety means it helps with health improvement:

  • If you have severe mobility issues, you’ll benefit from symptom relief, improved circulation, and added relaxation.

  • Some senior bathtubs include self-cleaning features, so you won’t have to invest time and hassle in maintenance.

  • None-slippery surface

  • Heated seat features


It is less likely that the disadvantages will outweigh the benefits! However, it will depend on your very own preference!

  • Long drain times: While it may take up to ten minutes to fill the senior tub, it can take twice as long (around 15 minutes) to drain. And during the draining time, you’ll have to stay in and wait till all the water is gone.

  • Walk-in tubs typically hold much more water than standard bathtubs, so there is a chance you may become too reliant on your hot water tank’s energy consumption.

Benefits of Hiring Bytown For Your Ottawa Senior Bathtub Installation

Bytown is committed to delivering guaranteed workmanship, high-quality products and installation services to the locals of Ottawa and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our sense of urgency, which is highlighted by our popular same-day bathroom transformations. What people believe could take days or weeks, we can complete in a single day.

All it really takes is dedication and some elbow grease. There is no need to waste our client’s time by having them wait for their new bathroom experience, especially when in need of a safe senior bathtub installation in Ottawa. It is the wait time that has people hesitate and hold back. With our high-quality one-day bath renovation service, you can rest assured that our certified plumbers will take care of the demolition, minor repairs, waterproofing and installation service.

Here is an additional list of benefits when hiring our factory-certified service technicians:

  • Increased safety and comfort

  • Long-lasting value

  • High-quality products

  • Dependable same-day service

  • Potential to increase home’s resale value

  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

  • Lifetime warranty

  • We clean up after ourselves!

We believe that each Ottawa resident maintains the right to age in place. For that reason, our expert bathroom remodelers will go above and beyond to ensure your walk-in tub or shower remodel will result in a safe and luxurious bathing experience.

Turn Bathing into a Safe, Easy Process With Bytown’s Senior Bathtubs!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about our popular bathroom remodelling options, contact us at (613) 519 8055! It is time for a safe yet luxurious tub model to pamper yourself in! We look forward to being of assistance by facilitating any mobility issues you may have.

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