4 Reasons Your Walk-In Shower in Ottawa Needs A Shower Chair or Shower Bench

You may wonder why you should opt for a walk-in shower with a bench even if you don’t have limited mobility. While shower chairs are an essential part of most aging in place modification projects, they can still benefit young professionals or a family household! In fact, comfortable shower bench installations come with numerous benefits, especially if you have plenty of space that allows you to be creative!

When hiring your local Ottawa bathroom remodelling experts at Bytown Better Bathtubs & Showers, you are in for a treat. Our skilled team has been in the remodelling and home improvement industry for many years, bringing an average experience of ten years or more. Specializing in a wide range of bathroom remodels, we offer walk-in showers, tub-to-shower conversions, or walk-in bathtubs. Before you believe it is a whole week’s work, we’ll guarantee you that we can complete your desired remodelling project in as little as a day!

Our Ottawa shower remodelling experts invite you to learn more about our exquisite shower bench or shower chair installation in Ottawa. We’ll provide your existing shower with the safety and comfort you need for a one-of-a-kind showering experience.

Shower Chair or Shower Bench

4 Reasons To Get A Shower Bench or Shower Chair in Ottawa

It may be difficult to picture a luxurious shower space when you hear the terms chair and bench, but we guarantee you they will make a huge difference in terms of added comfort and convenience.

Safer Showering Experience

Some people love hot showers and would stay a good 45 minutes soaking in the steam. No wonder you get light-headed at times, as though sitting inside a sauna! Having a little shower bench to sit on allows you to lean back for a few seconds and regain your energy and balance. Furthermore, shower chairs reduce the risk of slips and falls. This is especially true when you have an older family member with reduced mobility. This is when grab bar installations may also come in handy to increase safety.

Accommodate Someone With Reduced Mobility

Whether you have a family member with limited mobility or are someone planning an aging in place remodelling project, having a safe shower bench is crucial. Luckily, there is a wide range of options available for shower seats or bath chairs, from basic stools to chairs with padded armrests and backrests. For added comfort, get a padded seat or one with a hygienic cutout. Most of them also have adjustable seat heights. Learn more about suitable shower chairs for seniors when calling us! We are about increasing your quality of life by offering exceptional solutions to tackle your mobility issues.

Easier Grooming Experience

We don’t want to get too intimate here, but there are people who prefer to get everything done during their shower, which includes brushing their teeth! While having an in-built mirror allows the gents to safely shave their faces while it’s steamy hot, the ladies can simply put up their feet on the bench to carefully shave their legs. In-shower foot scrubs are also made easy!

Enjoy Extra Storage Space

Though seating is convenient to have, you may not always need it. So why not use that elevated area as a storage shelf to store some extra toiletries, so they’re within arm’s reach? Niche units may be nice to have, but it doesn’t give you room to sit when you need it. But, of course, it depends on your personal preference. Have you heard of people keeping their tropical plants in their bathing spaces? Your shower bench is the perfect place for your plants to thrive, as it can remain clean from dust and pests and stay hydrated throughout the day.

FAQs About Shower Bench or Shower Chairs in Ottawa

What Is a Tub Transfer Bench?

This type of shower bench or transport chair is generally wider and helps the user transfer from the chair into the bathtub. It is commonly used for those who have a traditional bathtub in place but have trouble stepping into the tub.

Can A Shower Bench Be An Integral Part of the Overall Shower?

Absolutely! Some cubicles come with a built-in seating area which is also tiled like the rest of the walls and floors. However, not everyone is keen on permanent seats, so opting for moisture-resistant stools or benches is also an option. On the other hand, others may prefer fold-up seats that are wall mounted. This allows you to make use of a seating area whenever you like. As you can see, the options are endless!

What’s The Difference Between A Shower Chair And A Bath Seat?

They are essentially the same, with different comfort and safety features. The bath seat could be as simple as a bath stool without arms and a backrest, whereas a shower chair could be padded with a low backrest. There are endless types and styles to meet any unique needs.

What Is The Best Material For Shower Benches?

Since it will be exposed to high levels of humidity, we recommend granite, tile, or marble. Wood lovers should opt for high-quality bamboo or teak. Both types of wood work well as long as they’re not exposed to sunlight.

That said, each surface material needs to be sealed at least once a year to remain resistant to moisture.

How Big Should A Walk-In Shower With Bench Be?

Your standard cubicle is around 900 square inches or, in simpler terms, 30 inches high and 30 inches wide. Ideally, a bench is up to 20 inches high and about 16 inches deep, whether you choose a built-in or freestanding bench. Of course, each design and layout can vary.

Looking for a Professional Shower Remodel? How About A Shower Bench or Shower Chair Installation in Ottawa?

At Bytown, we care about your bathing experience, which is why we offer a wide variety of remodelling options to meet unique needs!

When you are ready for your ultimate shower bench or shower chair installation in Ottawa, contact us at (613) 909 4602 to find out more about what we have to offer. With our high level of professionalism and excellence, we guarantee exceptional workmanship and customer care.

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